Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sport in America due to the game’s engaging nature and its social environment. Historically, pickleball played on modular surfaces has been dismal. Plastic on plastic (the ball on the flooring) ball skid caused a low angle of reflection, and surface design leads to an inconsistent bounce.

We use a revolutionary patent-pending formulation that fixes these issues, an industry game-changer. The proprietary PickleGrip™ material provides a superior level of grip, so the ball bounces correctly and consistently. This Pickleball material also serves up higher shoe traction in wet and dry conditions. The material has a percentage of Rubber in it to provide awesome traction and eliminates plastic on plastic ball sliding .  In addition the bottom of the tile has over 1000 feet touching the subsurface to eliminate dead spots .

One Stop Solution For Versatile Sport Surfaces

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