Backyard Pickleball Courts in New England: Hop on the New Trend!

Are you interested in indulging in any sports activity but don’t want to go out for the same? Well, if you are blessed with enough space in your backyard, we have a great suggestion for you! Install a pickleball court in your backyard in New England. This option is ideal for you and your family when it comes to entertainment, fun, and fitness as well.

Pickleball is gaining a huge fan following across the country, and you can experience this new trend while roaming around New England. You can find many pickleball courts installed in your neighborhood, and they seem to enjoy the game very well.

Playing Pickleball

Being a paddle sport for any age and skill level, Pickleball combines the elements of tennis, badminton, ping pong, and four squares. You can play it indoors and outdoors, depending on the availability of the space. Pickleball is played using a paddle and a plastic ball. The rules for this game are very simple, and the game is relatively easy for beginners to learn. However, it can also develop into a rapid, fast-paced competitive game for experienced players. The simplicity and fun element are major reasons contributing to the growing popularity of this game.

Fantastic Fun for Everyone

Installing a Pickleball court in the backyard has become a trend in New England. Its quirky name and easy-to-learn gameplay make it more appealing to all sorts of people. Also, since a smaller court is required to play this game, many people consider it a great option. In addition to that, it can be played by younger and older players together despite their varying degrees of mobility. Thus it gives tennis a run for its money. A family can play together regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. Young children can even participate alongside their grandparents. Who wouldn’t want such a fun, social, and easy-to-learn sport?

Understanding the Game

Sometimes expressed as a combination of badminton, ping pong, and tennis, pickleball is usually played on a court measuring 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. A net splits the court while extending across its center. It is 36 inches high on the sides and 34 inches high at the center. Players pick special paddles and light plastic balls for this game, where these balls have perforated holes. They are commonly known as “wiffle balls” and are less bouncy than tennis balls and don’t need a lot of energy to serve over the net. Pickleball courts are emerging all around the country. Why don’t you give this trendy sport a try? If you like playing tennis or ping pong, you’ll fall in love with pickleball.

What Makes Pickleball Trendy?

This game has attracted many people in the United States, including many famous celebrities. Let’s see what makes this sport so appealing. For beginners, you don’t require equipment apart from a ball, paddles, or some motivation. And as mentioned earlier, the court is a tiny 20 by 44 feet, which requires no intense sprinting. The proximity between players indicates games can be more social, involving no intense physical strain or technical know-how. A backyard court lets you enjoy the game and maximizes real estate value. Therefore, construction firms have experienced a growing request for the recreation design element of the day.

Court Construction

As per the USA Pickleball rule book, the minimum recommended size of the total playing surface is 30 feet by 60 feet, whereas a preferred total size is 34 feet by 64 feet. The actual playing lines span 20 feet by 44 feet. The playing area is striped quite similar to a tennis court, with right and left service courts along with a 7-foot, non-volley zone, called the “kitchen,” in front of the net.

The organization reports both asphalt and concrete as acceptable bases for pickleball courts. It further recommends 100% acrylic coatings for surfacing. Acrylic coatings are breathable and also enable some vapor transmission if properly applied. This is particularly important on outdoor courts.

While selecting court coloring, prefer lighter hues for warmer climates like in eastern Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island, and northern Connecticut since they will absorb lesser heat from the sun. Darker colors usually absorb more solar heat, creating a warmer playing area. But, as an added advantage in areas with cooler climates, like in Maine, darker court colors can also help melt snow and evaporate water quickly.

The sun must also be kept in mind regarding court orientation. Whenever possible, prefer a north-south direction for your courts to minimize the sun’s angle, particularly in players’ eyes. Developers have to consider fencing to restrict balls within the confines of the court and lighting for nighttime play.

Minimal Maintenance

As reported by the USA Pickleball, once the court is installed, it requires minor maintenance, which is good news for builders and developers. Outdoor courts often benefit from the wind and rain while rarely requiring cleaning. Court maintenance includes removing standing water post large rainfalls to restrict rainwater from penetrating and staining the court. It’s also a good idea to frequently remove dust, leaves, and other debris to keep surface staining to a minimum.

You can use surface pressure washers to clean court surfaces, or even a push-behind floor scrubber can make it easy for you if needed. However, too much water pressure and a stiff-bristled cleaning head are not recommended since they can damage the court surface. Further, it’s estimated that recoating and restriping your court surfaces will be required approximately every 10 years. When pickleball courts hit that point, resurfacing usually requires the following things –

  • Surface cleaning
  • Crack repairs
  • Filling low areas to reduce puddles
  • Applying base and color coatings
  • Striping the playing lines

Being a relatively low-maintenance amenity, it requires minor operational expenses. However, suppose developers are planning to create a little revenue by installing pickleball courts. In that case, they can host various events like open play/drop-in, round-robin tournaments, skills clinics, or even formal skill tournaments.

If this excites you and you wish to install a pickleball court in your backyard, you can contact Pickleball Courts of New England for a hassle-free experience.