Convert Your Backyard into a Pickleball Court

Those who like to play tennis, badminton, or even ping pong should try pickleball – the new kid on the block. This game brings a combination of all these sports while maintaining its uniqueness. Looking at its growing popularity, we can predict that it will soon be among the top-played games globally. It has already successfully attracted people all over the United States, including many celebrities. Since it does not require one to have any particular skill level or belong to a specific age group, people prefer playing pickleball. This article serves as a guide for those who want to build their dream backyard pickleball court.

Understanding Pickleball
As the USA Pickleball specifies, this game is usually played on a court measuring 20 ft by 44 ft. It has its lines and markers, which play a significant role during the game. You can play this amazing game both indoors and outdoors based on the availability of sufficient space. Although it is quite new for most people, many of them have already installed pickleball courts in their spaces.

Usually, schools, clubs, and recreation centers opt for building pickleball courts in their commercial spaces. However, those who like this game may also consider building a pickleball court in their residential premises. They can either build a temporary court indoor or if they have space, they may opt for an outdoor court. It is recommended that you should hire a professional to build a pickleball court for your space. However, those who like DIY projects can build one on their own.

Let’s look at the steps involved in the process of converting your backyard into a pickleball court –
#1 Choosing a Pickleball Court Location
A group of friends invented this game while they were looking for a fun game for their entire families to enjoy together, which is rapidly gaining popularity today. Pickleball is quite similar to tennis however it is played on a smaller court and can be learned easily. Once you have a few practice swings, you may immediately enter into a game and have fun.
While you can construct a pickleball court on any flat area, you’ll best enjoy this game on asphalt, concrete, or hard synthetic surface. The official pickleball court dimensions measure 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. You’ll need to spare some space around your court for spectators and players. If you don’t have enough space, you may still enjoy this game by modifying the playing area to suit your requirements.

#2 Buying Pickleball Equipment
This is a simple game that requires a pickleball paddle, net system, and pickleball. You need to hang the net 36 inches off the ground at both ends and let it sag down to 34 inches toward the center. Pickleball paddles are very similar to ping pong paddles compared to tennis racquets. You can buy all these things separately or prefer buying a set. Remember to grab an extra set of balls, since they get lost easily.

#3 Marking the Lines
Mark the important dimensions of the court by using a tape measure. Keeping it extended will serve as a straight-edge guide while marking your lines. You won’t require paint for marking the lines of a temporary backyard pickleball court; you can mark them on the existing tennis court. You can mark the boundaries by using sidewalk chalk. Once you’re done with the game, you can easily wash away these lines. Also, try painter’s tape that can be removed easily from any surface without leaving any residue.

#4 Setting Up Court Fencing
When it comes to size and shape, both pickleball and whiffle balls are the same. The perforated pickleball cannot travel far, however, a fence restricts them from rolling across your yard each time a ball goes out. Opt for a small fence around your pickleball court to save time spared chasing balls. Install a fence at every end of your court as a backstop and save money by placing your court near a wall. It serves as a built-in barrier.
Temporary fencing is budget-friendly and the easiest kind of fence to install. However, a chain link fence works best and lasts the longest. Confirm the spaces between the bars and ensure that holes in the fence are small enough to stop the ball, before installing the fence.

#5 Installing Court Lighting
Pickleball games may last 15 to 20 minutes and since it’s so entertaining, you can keep playing for hours. You can install lights for your court and extend your playing time, particularly in the winter. Illuminate the playing area by attaching flood lights to the side of your home or even on a raised pole.
Placing area lights at all corners of your court would be a better solution to eliminate shadows. You can achieve the best spread while minimizing glare by placing those lights at least 20 feet high. Before you install lights, consider your neighbors and lighting regulations (if any) in your community.

#6 Adding Courtside Seating
The fun element and addictive nature of this game contribute to its popularity. It’s commonly played as a doubles game that involves social interaction. Since family members of all ages and athletic abilities can play pickleball, it becomes a social event as well as a sport. By setting up outdoor chairs, tables, and music you can maximize fun.
Although bench seating is more popular, an outdoor patio set including a table and chairs can be more comfortable. If budget and space are problems for you, lawn chairs can be a great seating option. Using deck boxes will double the seating while making an ideal spot for storing your pickleball equipment safely.

#7 Keeping Your Court Clean
Pickleball courts are almost maintenance-free, however, the game requires a clean surface to prevent slips and falls. Clear any dirt and debris on your pickleball court by using a wide push broom before beforesion. Another handy option for a quick court cleaning is a leaf blower.

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