Everything about Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball has become the talk of the town and is continuously gaining more popularity across the United States. Some simple reasons made this game so appealing to the entire nation. Firstly, this game can be played by people of any age and any skill level together. This game is a combined fun of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, thus making it more interesting.

Since all family members can enjoy this game together, pickleball has become a favorite of many families. Depending on the space availability, you can play pickleball on indoor or outdoor courts. In this article, we will understand various aspects of outdoor pickleball courts.

Scope for Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Generally, outdoor pickleball courts are constructed at recreation centers, clubs, schools, and multi-sport facilities that conduct tournaments. Schools have started introducing pickleball in their sports activities by installing outdoor courts. Country clubs are engaging in pickleball games with their rising popularity and building outdoor courts. Similarly, recreation centers also include pickleball courts in their facilities to respond to the growing demand for the game. In addition, people are building outdoor pickleball courts in their backyards to enjoy with family members and friends.

Building an Outdoor Pickleball Court

Once you have decided to build an outdoor pickleball court, you must consider the following necessary steps –

Determining the Space Required
When you are planning to construct an outdoor pickleball court, it requires adequate space. The space needs to be open, or you may even convert your old tennis court into a pickleball court.

The space must be adequate to fit an outdoor pickleball court and sufficiently large to maintain the standard size. Once you are confident that you have an area that can fit the standard size of the pickleball court, you may customize it based on your needs. For example, if you have a tennis court, it can be divided into four sections to build four pickleball courts.

You can also transform other standard courts into pickleball courts. Besides this, if you are constructing an outdoor pickleball court right from scratch, it’s better to call an expert pickleball court construction team. They can guide you on crucial aspects such as the fences, audience area, play area, net, and more. You can use the standard dimensions below while constructing an outdoor pickleball court.

Court Dimensions:
The standard court size for singles and doubles pickleball games is 20 feet by 44 feet (6.1 meters by 13.41 meters).

Net Height:
The sideline must be 36 inches (0.91 meters), and the middle portion needs to be 34 inches (0.86 meters).

Playing Area:
The experts follow these standard dimensions while you are transforming a tennis court – 30 feet by 60 feet (9.14 meters by 18.29 meters). You require 34 feet by 64 feet to host a tournament play area or a standalone outdoor pickleball court.

Choosing the Right Surface
When you have decided to construct an outdoor pickleball court from scratch, you have to consider the court’s surface material. Choosing suitable court surface material is extremely important. The players’ performance significantly depends on the court’s playing surface. There are different materials that you can select from for constructing an outdoor pickleball court.

You can choose to have the concrete court surface since it is the best while considering its durability. A concrete court surface is an excellent choice as it will help in increasing the value of your court.

Prefer an asphalt court surface since it is the best when affordability is your primary concern. The asphalt court surface is more affordable compared to the concrete court surface. The asphalt court surface is considered a good playing surface; however, you need to ensure it is maintained well.

Our patented PickleGripTM material gives an excellent grip, ensuring the ball bounces correctly and consistently. Our Pickleball material also improves shoe traction in both wet and dry circumstances. Hence, making it a perfect material for dry and humid areas like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island in New England.

Considering the Fencing and Its Perimeter

When you have decided to build an outdoor pickleball court, you need to consider the fencing. Fencing is necessary for keeping the ball within the playing area. Further, the ball should not travel through the audience area and hurt them.

Hence, after the suitable court surface material, you have to focus on the fencing of your pickleball court. When you select the fence, you will get a lot of options. Wired fencing is considered the most popular fencing type. It will help protect the area while letting the light enter the court.

You can also boost the safety factor by further installing fence cushioning. It goes a long way in reducing the chances of any injuries while allowing players to play the game to their best capabilities without any concerns.

Lining Your Pickleball Court

These lines are arguably the most significant things when constructing a pickleball court since they are the game’s backbone. In total, you need to create eight different lines on your court. These lines consist of the following:

  • Two sidelines
  • Two baselines
  • Two non-volley lines
  • Two centerlines

Make sure you have the required materials before creating permanent lines. These materials include a minimum of 400 feet of green Frog Tape for stencils, tape measures of 25-foot and 50- foot one each, a pencil marker, line paint, and brushes, along with drop cloth and painting materials. If you plan to create temporary lines, you’ll require half as much tape and won’t need the line paint or painting equipment.

Standard lines on the pickleball court are 2 inches wide. Since this is important, keep it in mind while creating permanent lines.

Hire an experienced contractor like us to build a pickleball court for your venue. You require the help of the best contractor for planning and constructing an outdoor pickleball court, which the athletes will enjoy playing on.

Once you have planned to build a pickleball court, contact us at Pickleball Courts of New England.