Installation, Cost, and Maintenance of Pickleball Courts in New England

Have you enjoyed playing pickleball with your friends and family members? If not, you are missing out on a great fun sport that is gaining popularity across the United States. This game is a combination of other games that are commonly played earlier. Pickleball has got a great fan following, and even many celebs have started playing this amazing game.

Although this game is not that expensive, some costs are involved in installing and maintaining the pickleball courts. If you are keeping yourself away from this interesting game just thinking that it’s expensive, go through this article to learn more about Pickleball court pricing in New England.

To have a clear idea of the costs involved in this game, let’s understand how these courts are installed and what kind of maintenance they require.

Installing Pickleball Courts

There are three common ways to construct a pickleball court depending on the availability of certain factors, such as space and existing infrastructure.

  • Constructing a new pickleball court
  • Converting your existing tennis or basketball court
  • Resurfacing your old pickleball court


While constructing a pickleball court, there are several activities involved, such as cleaning the surface, making it ready for pickleball, using colors for courts, and marking important lines on the courts. Those considering playing the game at night also have to install the necessary lighting. All these factors add to the costs involved in the installation of pickleball courts.

Pickleball Courts Maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of pickleball courts, they require minimal maintenance. The material you install for your courts, such as pickleball nets, net posts, lighting, and fencing, may require certain maintenance due to common wear and tear. The frequency of the court being used by players also determines how frequently you should think of maintenance activities.

Although we have included resurfacing your old pickleball court in the installation part above, it can also be considered under maintenance. Thus we can understand those pickleball court maintenance activities also involve some costs, such as repairs and materials.

Factors Contributing to the Costs of a Pickleball Court:

Once you have decided whether you are going to build a new court or convert an existing one, the following factors need your attention since they contribute to the costs –

  1. Size
    Although the playing area for the pickleball court is 20′ x 44′, you can consider having an area of 36′ x 64′ as recommended by the USA Pickleball Association. This extra space allows your players to maneuver and play with the desired pace and enthusiasm. Measure the available space and recognize any obstructions, trees, or uneven ground that need to be handled before construction begins.
  2. Number of Courts
    Pickleball courts require less space than tennis or basketball, so you can consider fitting multiple courts in your area. Considering the sport’s growing popularity, constructing a multi-court facility can draw many players and audiences to your venue. Every court will require its own set of costs and necessities. Since multi-court setups may become complicated quickly, it’s better to consult an expert to help you plan.
  3. Indoor or Outdoor
    Your location for the court will significantly affect the cost. If you are constructing an indoor pickleball court, the materials you require for the surface are not the same as for the outdoors. You can prefer wood or rubber (frequently used in school gyms). These materials are not ideal for outdoor use. They will become slippery due to condensation and may erode quickly based on the weather in your area.
  4. Court Accessories
    Fencing is an essential requirement for your new pickleball court. While providing your athletes with a safe space to play, fencing helps keep games containing balls from bouncing away. Prior experience in pricing out fencing may remind you of how it adds up quickly. You’ll require the appropriate height and good-quality fencing around the total perimeter of your court.


Another crucial piece to the experience of your pickleball court is the lighting. Several pickleball players are hobbyists, so offering a safe space for evening or night games is critical. With enough lighting, players can enjoy their weekly games at a convenient time that best suits their schedule.

Other Accessories and Amenities

  • Bleachers –
    You may consider providing seating for spectators. Particularly if you are constructing the court at a school or community center. It can be a fantastic addition to create a space for families, friends, and fans to enjoy watching games.
  • Roofing –
    Although this is an optional accessory, you may find it essential depending on your geographic location. You can opt for a self-supporting curved roof or a pickleball air dome that helps protect your surface and athletes from the elements. In addition to that, roofs help cut down maintenance costs since debris and precipitation won’t accumulate on the surface.
  • Net –
    The nets are necessary for every game.
  • Backboard –
    It helps pacify games and benefits with ball control.
  • Windscreen –
    Since pickleball is lightweight, heavy winds can affect play. A windscreen helps reduce the effects of weather.
  • Customization and Design –
    You can customize every part of your new court, such as court colors matching your school logo, text, or graphics.
  • Line Painting –
    If you construct a court designed specifically for pickleball, painting lines helps add an elevated look.

Pickleball Court Pricing in New England

The above points must have helped you understand various factors that add up to your pickleball court costs. Considering the variety of materials available on the market, it’s difficult to quote the exact price for any of the options, such as constructing a new court, converting an existing court, and resurfacing your old court.

When it comes to converting an existing outdoor court to a pickleball court, is requires approximately $1,000 to $15,000. Similarly, resurfacing your old pickleball court may cost approximately $3,000 to $10,000. Needless to say, these are not exact costs, and they differ from project to project.

If you stay around New England, you can ask our professional team to provide you with a quotation for your pickleball court. If you have a pickleball court project on your mind, reach us at Pickleball Court of New England.