Custom Pickleball Court Design for Restaurants

Pickleball Court Designs for Restaurants

Today, we can see that pickleball is being played in all major cities across the United States. This game became popular in the last two years, especially during the pandemic. There are various reasons why pickleball has gained so much popularity. Firstly, it has a fun element and addictive nature that attracts people. Secondly, it doesn’t require any specific qualification for any person, and everyone can enjoy this game.

The majority of the people who tried this game once have continued playing it further. Since pickleball allows you to enjoy elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, it’s an attractive package. This article will look at some custom pickleball court designs for restaurants.

Basics of Pickleball
Although pickleball combines other games, it is played on a small-sized court with unique dimensions. These courts can be both indoors and outdoors as per available space. You need a pickleball paddle, net system, and pickleball, almost similar to wiffle balls in shape and size. Usually, pickleball is played in doubles, where you can interact socially.

Since there are no specific requirements for playing pickleball, such as age, skill level, or fitness, your entire family can enjoy this activity together. Also, you do not require to remember any complex rules of this game; thus, it is quite easy to learn. If you have not yet introduced yourself to this popular sport, you must try it once.

Scope for Pickleball
The growing popularity of pickleball has spread this game to every possible place where people come together for fun, fitness, and recreation. Thus it won’t be wrong to say that pickleball has a huge scope in today’s scenario. The young generation can play pickleball at their schools, where pickleball courts are installed.

For adults and seniors, there are several options, such as country clubs, recreation centers, and restaurants. These places usually have sufficient space where they can build pickleball courts and allow people to come and enjoy this fantastic game. Thus, if a place can be converted into a pickleball court, people will gather there to enjoy this attractive game.

Pickleball at Restaurants
Restaurants are places where people visit with their friends and family members for different reasons. Some people visit restaurants to have a cup of coffee, while others call for snacks or breakfast. Let the reason be anything, but since people gather at restaurants, there is a scope for pickleball at restaurants having extra open or indoor space.

Many restaurants have large parking space, which usually needs to be used. They can consider building a pickleball court there to attract more customers. Also, if they have enough indoor space, it can be used as a temporary pickleball court with the necessary arrangements. Thus, there is a strong common link between pickleball and restaurants: people coming together and the availability of space.


Custom Pickleball Court Design for Restaurants
Now that we have understood the scope of pickleball in restaurants, let’s look at some custom pickleball court options for restaurants based on the availability of necessary space and other requirements.

There are two main categories; one is converting an existing sports court, and the other is building a new one in free space. Let’s see what these options are.

Converting Existing Sports Court
Many restaurants promote sports like tennis, badminton, or football. They also have their cs to conduct games for customers and professional players. These can be turned into a pickleball court.

Tennis Court
If you have a tennis court, you can consider building multiple pickleball courts since a single tennis court can fit four pickleball courts. If your tennis court is not being utilized, you can opt for converting it into pickleball courts and experience the changed response from the people. In case it is used but not frequently, you can also think of marking pickleball lines with different colors and using the court for both sports.

Badminton Court
Some restaurants might have indoor badminton courts, which can also be converted into pickleball courts if unused. A professional can guide you through the conversion process and install a pickleball court for you. If your badminton court is used for its primary purpose, you can consider painting pickleball lines and markers using different color codes to use the same court for both of these games.

Basketball Court
Unlike tennis or badminton, basketball doesn’t require a racquet and net system. However, you have one common thing – the court space. So if a restaurant has a basketball court, they can think of converting it into a pickleball court when not in use. If you want to use it as a multi-sports court, consider painting pickleball lines and markers using contrasting colors. Also, you have to install a temporary pickleball net system.

Constructing a New Court
Those restaurants that don’t have any sports courts but have some free space that can be used to build pickleball courts can consider this option.

Building a Covered Pickleball Court
Unlike existing sports courts, you won’t get readymade things in this case. To begin with, you’ll have to clear and level the land, leaving no debris behind. Then you can choose the best pickleball court surface and install it by hiring a professional. Building a covered court is a great option since it provides safety against rain and snow. Install a high sunshade canopy along with fencing around the perimeter. By adding some lights to your court, you can make it suitable for nighttime games.

Building an Indoor Court
This is another custom option for restaurants with a sufficient indoor area to fit a pickleball court. You can best utilize your area by hiring a professional to build your indoor pickleball court. By installing temporary pickleball net systems, you can also consider using this space for other purposes when games are not going on. After all, this is a commercial space, and you want to maximize profits.

If you own a restaurant and are looking for a professional to install pickleball courts for your spaces, reach us at Pickleball Courts of New England.